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Haryana is located in the northwest part of the country and the climate is arid to semi arid with average rainfall of
354.5 mm. Around -29% rainfall is received during the month from July to September and the remaining rainfall is received during Dec. to Feb. There are two agro climatic zones in the state. The north western part is suitable for Rice, Wheat, Vegetable and temperate fruits and the south western part is suitable for high quality agricultural produce, tropical fruits, exotic vegetables and herbal and medicinal plants.
                                                    The total geographical area of the state is
4.42 m ha, which is 1.4 % of the geographical area of the country. The cultivable area is 3.7 m ha, which is 84% of the geographical area of the state out of which 3.64 m ha i.e 98% is under cultivation. The gross cropped area of the state is 6.51m ha and net cropped area is 3.64 m ha with a cropping intensity of 184.91%.

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