The main objective of the Corporation is to reclaim the alkali soils to improve their agricultural productivity. 

The salient activities under taken by the corporation are as under:-

                     Reclamation of Alkali Soils.

                     Sale of Agricultural Inputs.

                     Farm Management and production of quality Seeds at Hissar Farm and other farms transferred  by the Director of Agriculture, Haryana to HLRDC. 

Sale of Gypsum 

a)         Land Reclamation Scheme/Reclamation of Alkali Soils 

            The Corporation has been under taking Land Reclamation activity under the centrally sponsored scheme (now Macro Management Mode scheme) for the reclamation of Alkali Soils under the supervision of Agriculture Department, Haryana.  Gypsum is being distributed to the farmers on 50% subsidy.  The expenditure subsidy is being shared by the Govt. of India and the State Govt. in 90 :10.  The sale rate of Gypsum is Rs. 1200 per M.T. Subsidized rate per bag on 50% subsidy to the farmers was Rs.32.40 including vat tax. During the year 2003-04 Govt. of India reduced the subsidy from 50% to 25% under MMM scheme which adversely affected the sale of gypsum as farmers are not purchasing gypsum on 25% subsidy.  To boost the sale of gypsum corporation has provided special rebate of Rs. 200/- per M.T. to the farmers of the state under Land reclamation scheme.  During Feb, 2004 State Govt. has allowed special subsidy of 25% from Marketing Board in addition to the existing subsidy of 25% available under MMM scheme.

            The corporation has reclaimed 2,55,803 hectares of alkali affected land from 1974 to 2002-03. Gypsum are being provided to the farmers in the state through 107 Gypsum Dealers appointed by the Corporation and 18 outlets of the corporation.

(b)            National Oil Seed production programme

            Beside Land Reclamation scheme Gypsum is  also provided under the National Oil seed production programme. 75% subsidy is given the farmers on the supply of gypsum under this scheme as a fertilizer to supplement sulphur requirement of the Oil Seed crops.  The expenditure of subsidy is met by the Govt. of India and the state Govt. in 75 : 25 respectively.  The sale of Gypsum and area reclaimed during the last six year is as under:-



Gypsum sold under LR Scheme (M.T)

Gypsum Sold 
under OPP Scheme   ( M.T.)

Area Reclaimed under LR Scheme (Hectares)


























(Up to 31-1-2004)




Sale of Agricultural Inputs 

            The Corporation also under takes sale of Agricultural Inputs such as various types of Fertilizers, Weedicides, Pesticides and Insecticides.  The sale of these inputs depends upon the stock-in-plan finalized by the Directorate of Agriculture, Haryana as per requirement of the farmers and the availability of material in the market.  At present no subsidy is available in the sale of weedicide and pesticide. 


Farm Management and Seed Production Programme 

            HLRDC is managing a farm of 1419 acres at Hissar with a total cultivable area of 1287 acres.  The farm was transferred to the Corporation on lease by the state Govt. during 1976-77. The farm is being managed for raising quality seeds of important crops namely Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Raya and Sugarcane or any other seed on the demand of Agriculture Department.  Most of the seed production programme are being undertaken in consultation with the HSDC so that the seeds produced at the farm are available to the farmers in the state through HSDC network.  Commercial crops are being raised on the left out area to have optimum utilization of land.

Transfer of Govt. Farms

            The Govt. in the Agriculture Department has transferred 23 farms with a total area of 1092.6 acres during April 1998 for self cultivation and also for lease.  During the year 2003 state Govt. has decided to transferred 41 acres 2 Kanal 6 Marala land of Govt. Seed farm, Kohlawas to CCS, HAU, Hissar for establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra on lease.    So this area of land has not been auctioned during the current year 2003-04.  At present six farms with a total area of 597 acres are under direct cultivation Corporation raises seeds as per seed production programme of HSDC on these farms, besides raising commercial crops on the left out area.  Remaining 16 farms with a total area of about 454 acres have been given on lease on annual basis through open auction.  These farms have been transferred for a period of 25 years at a lease of Rs. 1000/- per year/acre with 10% increase after every year. 

Financial Position 

            The paid capital of the corporation as on today is Rs.156.30 lacs.  The Corporation is in profit. The profit of the Corporation during 2001-2002 is Rs. 69.64 lacs.  Profit for the period from 01-4-02 to 31-3-03 is Rs. 161.86 lacs which is the highest profit since the inception of the Corporation.  The cumulative profit upto 31-3-2003 is Rs. 740.91 lacs.

Establishment of the Corporation

            The corporation is managed by the Board of Directors through the Managing Director, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.  The Field organization has been divided into two regions at Karnal and Hisar.  There are 9 managerial circles reporting to the Regional Managers.  The present strength of the corporation  is 230 employees including 28 officers. The principal officer of the Corporation are Secretary, Superintending Engineer, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Accounts Officer.