i) Purpose of the Loan                  :          

Raising of various crops in Haryana State 

ii) Beneficiary who can borrow  :          

Any agriculturist who is also a member of the PACS (Minibank).

iii) Amount/Period of the loan admissible

To be worked out by multiplying number of acreage being cultivated to scale of finance for that crop subject to ceiling of

a)     Cash Rs. 45,000/-

b)     Kind Rs. 15,000/-

c)      Loan is for maximum period of 12 months.


iv) Frequency/mode of release of funds

Cheque Book is issued by Mini Bank to the borrower and the borrower can draw the amount from the concerned branch of CCB/ Mini Bank as many times as per his requirement.

 v) Documentation
                                1. Pronote alongwith declaration of surieties (Form No.6)

2. Agreement alongwith the decleration of sureties (Form No.7)

3. Proof of land holding


vi) Repayment

a)     Kharif advances between 1.3 to 31.8 will fall due on 31-1 next year. Rabi advances
        between 1.9 to 28/29 Feb next year will fall due on 31-5.( No drawl shall be allowed
        for a period for more than 12 months.)

b)     In case of failure of crops due to natural calamities, facility of conversion of loan
        into medium term loan is available.

 vii) Rate of interest

12% (11% in respect of good paymaster farmers) 

viii) Penal rate of interest

3 % p.a

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