Loaning Portfolios

This Bank is advancing long term loans for the following sectors/ schemes:-  

1. Minor Irrigation                           a)  Shallow / Deep Tubewells

b)  Sprinkler Irrigation

c)  Water Channel System


2. Farm Mechanisation                     a)  Tractors

b)    Thresher Sets / Straw - reaper

c)     Combine Harvesters

d)     4-Wheel Trolleys

e)     2-Wheelers

f)       J.C.B.s


3. Horticulture/Plantation               a)         Mango / Pear / Guava / Grape Orchards

b)                 Poplar/Kikar/ Safeda Plantation/Farm Forestry

c)                 Mushroom Cultivation / Strawberry

d)                 Floriculture, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

e)                 Drip Irrigation


4. Land Development                      a)         Land Reclamation

b)                 Land Leveling

c)                 Redemption of Land

d)                 Purchase of Land

e)                 Waste Land Development


5. Animal Husbandry                       a)         Dairy Development

b)                 Poultry Development

c)                 Fisheries including Prawn Culture

d)                 Sheep/ Piggery /Goat

e)                 Animal Driven Carts

f)                  Cattle sheds


6. Non-Farm Sector                          a)        Tinny, Cottage & Small Scale Industries

b)                 Road Transport / Passenger Vehicles

c)                 Integrated Loan Scheme

d)                 KVIC Margin Money Scheme

e)                 Rural Housing Scheme

f)                  Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business 

                                                           g)        Rural Godowns/ Cold Storages/ Community Halls,
                                                                        Rural Educational Infrastructure