Service Rules (in HTML)
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Haryana Govt Gazette 2007

Haryana Govt. Gazette 1996

Haryana Govt. Gazette 1993 and Notification 2010(ADO Rules Class-II)

Haryana Govt. Gazette 1995

Haryana Govt. Gazette 1994(HQ) , Haryana Govt. Gazette 1994(Field) , Haryana Govt. Gazette 2013

Haryana Govt. Gazette 1993

Seniority List of employee under various categories (in HTML)

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Seniority list BAO/TAs

Seniority List of HAS-I (as on 1-6-2011)

Seniority List ASO_AG_STO as on 01-07-2011

Seniority List Dy. Supdt.

Seniority List Clerks Sub_Off(1-6-2012)

Seniority List Steno /Jr Steno_etc. (1-7-2012)

Seniority List Dy Supdt 30-04-2013

Seniority List Clerks Sub-Offices (as on 1-6-2012)

Seniority List Dy_Supdt_Acctt 1-02-2013

Seniority List Min Staff HQ (Sipdt/PS/Dy.Supdt. etc.) 01-08-2012

Seniority List Clerks 1-6-2012

Seniority List SSA/JSA/Steno-typist 1-7-2012

Seniority List SMS/ASCO/ASO/AGetc(Tentative) 1-7-2011

Gradation List of Clerks(Sub-ordinate office)

Gradation List of Ministerial Staff

Seniority List of Dy. Supdt_SSS_JSS_Acct.

TA_Statistical_Seniority List (30/9/2007)

TA_Statistical_Seniority List(Admn) (1/07/2008)

Tentative Gradation List (JSA)(March, 2010)

Tentative Seniority list-A.I. Surveyor (1/1/2011)

Seniority List Class-II 2008

Seniority list Ministerial Staff-2006 (HQ)

Seniority list Ministerial Staff -2006(Field)

Seniority List AI-2005

Seniority List ADO-2002

Seniority list HAS-I 2001

Seniority list ADO-SO etc-1997

Pay Scale Information

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