Modernization of Agricultural Extension Services under Macro Management Mode Scheme

Agriculture Extension plays a crucial role for dissemination of technological packages to the farmers. The desired results in adoption of latest recommended technologies by farmers, however, could not be achieved and there remains a gap between technology generation and technology utilization. Moreover, changing agricultural scenario has necessitated capacity building of the extension workers, their exposure in latest tools of information technology and mass media particularly in the light of economic liberalization and encasing farmers to adopt latest development on their field. Public services especially in extension need to focus on eco-friendly, sustainable and location specific technologies. Diversification, organic farming, efficient use of inputs and programme for providing producers package on knowledge on location specific programmes would also be given priority.

          The technological generation and utilization gap would be reduced by:

         1.  Making use of information technology for communication at all district headquarters.

         2.  Improving professional competence, knowledge and technical skill of extension

              functionaries by way of:-

a)   Promoting an effective interaction between senior scientists and extension workers

b)   Organizing exchange visit of extension functionaries within the country.

c)   Imparting advance training to field level functionaries in various subject matters 
 at A.T.I., Jind by Senior Scientists of State Agriculture University and ICAR.

         3.   Conducting farmers exchange programmes within the State and Country.
         4.   Establishing plant clinics at block/CAO level in phased manner with facilities for   
              demonstrations, diagnosis of nutrient deficiency, training and information on various
              problems related to plant health/crop production of that area.

         5.  Utilizing mass media tools such as video film, audio visual aids, television etc.

         6.  Organizing farmers visit to Krishi Expo, Agri-Tech, Kisan melas organized at National   
    level/Regional level/State level/University level etc.